Tapestry is the heart of a room’s interior. It makes notable differences in the space, lighting and the ambience of a room. It can be a challenging task for the buyers who are looking for the perfect cover for their sofa, chair, couch, armchair, recliners, diwan etc. that doesn’t wrinkle, fades out due to sun exposure or is durable.

Husk Inc has got just the right fabric for your furniture that doesn’t wrinkle after every sitting, endures the wear and tear of time and still looks just as crisp and fresh and moreover it lets you enjoy your golden hour from your perch. At Husk Inc our customers can select from a range of Tapestry fabric, covering a full assortment of woven, chenille and knitted fabric offerings along with digital print options. The fibre contents (threads) include cotton, poly/cotton, polyester, linen, cotton/spandex, and various other blends that immaculately add up to the charm of their dream space. We provide fabrics that justify the ornamental element of a tapestry and add a spark of style and vigour to any furniture type, be it your armchair, a bedroom settee, a couch or a royal curvaceous piece. Let us help you create a balanced look of deft and sophistication that justifies each penny spent on it.


Husk Inc takes pride in announcing its wide range of vivid and opulent drapes that are carefully designed to give a balanced touch of grandeur and refinement. We believe that every room stands to tell a story and with our drapes, it just speaks for itself. The catalogue displays curtains in a wide range of colour palette and a plethora of fabrics, design, print and texture to bring your space of dreams to life. Our whole drapery section is filled with designs that will surely make it to the frames of your bedrooms, living area and offices and at Husk Inc our buyers have the complete latitude in selecting a drape of their choice. Our draperies are made out of finest materials like Digital print, satin, plains, sheers and black out that are processed in a way that the curtain you bag home stands the test of time and saves you from all the trouble of changing your drapes every other year.

As the market is evolving in the leaps and bounds of time, we offer a wide range of options to satisfy the dynamic taste of our customers Blending ethnic with contemporary Husk Inc is all set to make your interior the most admirable one.

Synthetic Leatherette

Synthetic leather is an artificial processed leather material which is majorly used in upholstery, clothing and footwear industry. It has an appearance very similar to original leather and has a soft surface and hence it goes by many names like ‘Faux leather’, ‘Vegan leather’, ‘PU leather’ and ‘Pleather.’

It is designed in a way to give a genuine sense of luxury to your interior, when said that- we mean to give your upholstery a skin that will turn heads with its captivating splendour appearance.

If you are looking for anything in between a soft and smooth leather and a leather that’s authentic and durable then Husk Inc is the right place for you. We handpick our leather in standard hues, typically designed to hold up to the exclusivity of your interior. Our standard quality leather communicates the expressive taste of our customer and the end product is always a sure winner. The element of leather in the whole interior scheme is a game changer; it elevates the dull and plain rooms to posh and uplifting space and our collection comprises one such section at an accessible price!

Home Decor

Husk Inc is excited to announce its new segment of products, all related to home decor because everyone deserves a beautiful home and we solemnly commit to our promise. Stay tuned to know more!