Husk Inc

Husk Inc is an integration of two popular brands, Decor Galleria and Rexzo Galleria dealing with all kinds of furnishing fabrics. Husk Inc is dedicated to providing modern designs that suit our customers’ interest. We are located in the heart of the bustling city of Ahmedabad.

The experience we provide with the aesthetics of our upholstery is unparalleled and that’s how we bring your desired vision of home to life. We are known for our authentic reproductions of antique fabrics, at Husk Inc we offer florals, textures, retro and many other contemporary fabric collections. We feature an extensive selection of these fabrics. On the whole, we are committed to provide a range of upholstery that stands out and gives an edge to your space. Be it your resting lounge space or your extravagant French windows, we’ve got you draped. Decor Galleria and Rexzo Galleria are our two individual brands unique in their price, quality and range with the same flagship products (upholstery).

At Husk Inc we abide to complete supply-chain ethics to provide the best and desired quality of upholstery to our current and future customers. All our upholstery solutions are made available at multiple retail stores across Gujarat, Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Decor Galleria

Decor Galleria has been the hub for anyone looking for exquisite and premium Upholstery and drapery since 2015. In its existence Decor Galleria has created such living rooms, bedrooms, offices and meeting rooms that does not let your eye settle on the same spot. We have distinguished designs that will leave you astounded. Decor Galleria has worked with market leading brands like D-decor and continues to be of service in collaboration with brands like GM Fabrics and U-like Fabrics.

Rexzo Galleria

Rexzo Galleria, commenced in 2016 sold Synthetic leatherette of outstanding quality. In 2021 we continue to provide you the same unbeatable quality, extravagant and elegant designs but at more accessible prices and we’ve made all our flagship products available. Rexzo Galleria as an individual brand will provide complete upholstery solutions at an economic price. We work with established brands like Jindal synthetic leatherette and others to give you the best in the market.


Our founder Mr. Sumit Wadhwani is a dynamic businessman who started Decor Galleria in 2015 with guidance of his father Mr. Hargovind Wadhwani. Moreover, he’s an active member of Business Network International (BNI). Mr. Sumit has an in-depth knowledge about the industry he operates in, from nitty gritty to the complexities of the market there is no strategic move he can’t predict. He has a passion for creating space that encapsulates the idea of beauty perfectly as desired by his client.


Our mission is to be a leading brand by providing best quality products to all the segments of the market at a premium and economic price range. We plan our actions that adhere to our promise of providing everyone a beautiful space that truly reflects you.


To have a national reach and elated customers all over India and become a one stop destination for people looking for elegant decor.


At Husk Inc the idea of providing customer-centric solutions has always been in the forefront and we continue to practice it in 2021 and beyond with same enthusiasm and zeal. We seek to grow along by contributing our expertise to bring authentic culture and lifestyle to each one aspiring for a better space. We have and will continue to understand the needs of our customers from their perspective and keep endeavouring to bring the best of our timely and competitive services to our customers.

Husk Inc is a tightly woven family where everyone is respected for the invaluable effort and contribution, they bring in. We take exceptional pride to have such a conducive and jolly environment that helps us to keep our focus on the needs and demands of our customer with the right state of emotions and feelings. We’re motivated and thrilled to create a beautiful space for our customers, because a beautiful space nurtures a beautiful mind.

Home Decor

Husk Inc is excited to announce its new segment of products, all related to home decor because everyone deserves a beautiful home and we solemnly commit to our promise. Stay tuned to know more!